As a family, we have an appreciation for things done properly. Attentive to our community and territory, our mission is to spread the culture of Italian expresso among those who savour quality coffee as a symbol of socialisation. Our ability to respond to market requisites gives us an added dynamic momentum. Understanding what our customers require is our strength.


Our vision is to have our coffee available across the five continents, with a cup being present at each and every table.


Luigi Alario and Armando Allario started roasting coffee in Diano d’Alba in 1979, in the heart of the Langhe hills, where the company still continues its production.

The quality and care of our product and its tradition has accompanied us for three generations. Roasting and blending the raw material ourselves, we export to more than 20 countries around the world. From our strong roots in Piedmont, we have expanded towards the North West of Italy, supplying private labels in Tuscany, Trentino and Sardinia.

Our produce is becoming increasingly popular with international markets and since 2010 we have expanded in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Rossini Caffè Marco Colucci



Italian espresso since 1979.

An authentic flavour obtained from the artisanal processing of Arabic coffee. We pay particular attention to quality and blending for a roasted coffee able to enhance the freshness and intensity appreciated by the connoisseur. The secret to a really good coffee? The answer lies in the expert hands of the manufacturer, one who is able to calibrate the roasting process in order to obtain the best possible blend. At Rossini, we offer quality, tradition and modernity, the perfect blend every time.

Rossini Caffè Silvia Bigarella



A contemporary take on tradition.

The La Brasilera brand, created in 1979, offers a blend of coffee with a contemporary take on tradition. Revamped in 2011, today it takes the name of Lab La Brasilera and has a modern client in mind. The line is dedicated to bars. Its sleek and minimalist branding hints at contemporary social life and those stolen moments of reflection that only drinking a really good coffee can give.

Coffee Break



The taste of excellent coffee from a vending machine.

The management of our vending machines, which provide hot and cold drinks, soft drinks and snacks, is entrusted to Coffee Break. Our operators are all qualified for cleaning and maintenance of the machines, ensuring timely technical assistance when needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.