Our Processes

Starting from 2018 we undertook an intense process of renewal of the production plant. This was to meet with the growing demand for our products. Last, but certainly not least, we made an active change to our manufacturing processes with regard to its environmental impact, by reducing emissions and using fewer fossil fuels.

Relying on highly specialised staff and advanced machinery we are able to offer roasting curves able to meet the tastes of various palates. Our coffee beans are selected manually, with the added guarantee of an artisan’s care applied to industrial processes.

These, therefore, are our workings:


Our most recent roaster was purchased in 2018, together with a storage system. It has a capacity of 180 kg batch and provides 14-17 minutes of heat. The burner flames never come into direct contact with the product. Arriving from the combustion chamber, the heat enters the drum from above and flows out from below.

The heat crosses the drum and toasts the coffee beans evenly and continuously. Once air-cooling has terminated, the product passes through the rinsing machine. It is then weighed and ready for storage.

Storage is achieved via a machine able to decrease the breakage of the beans to a minimum. The product which enters the machine has a specific pressure allowing it to flow into a system of pipes connected to the silos.

The beans automatically go to the designated silos. The technology allows you to adjust

the pressure and speed of transport, so as to preserve its integrity. Subsequently, a manual selection of the coffee is made, this guarantees the product is intact and homogeneous in colour.

Our packaging machine, bought in 2019, has improved on our speed and processes. It has the capacity to pack up to 80 tons a month. Thanks to a connected printer, we are able to print private labels packs in real-time.


The packaging machine for our ground products allows us to reproduce many of the "classic" formats available on the market, offering the possibility of adapting the packaging to these formats. These can be manufactured with or without a valve opening or as vacuum packs. Formats start from the 100 g pack, rising to 250 g and arriving up to the 500 g pack. Customers can also request different types of grounds, for example, Moka or American ground.


Our pods are produced using a paper filter, size ESE 44 mm. We carry out continuous weight and particle size checks to obtain the perfect ground. The packaging is carried out in a protected area in order to preserve the product's properties. Thanks to our printers our pods can also be manufactured with a customized pack.