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15 genuary 2018
Travel in the world of coffee

The coffee is a plant, belonging to the family of Rubiacee (genus coffea), that grows in tropical areas between 200 and 2000 meters above the sea l...

12 april 2018
01-The 4 M of espresso coffee

Espresso coffee is obtained by using the espresso machine, through which a concentrated drink is prepared with intense flavors. The extraction is c...

26 july 2018
02-The 4 M of espresso coffee
  1. The espresso machine

The operation following the grinding and dosing of the coffee is that of the...

28 December 2018
Horecava Fair 7-10 January

From 7 to 10 January, thanks to the collaboration with Esperto Koffie, we will be present at the fair Horecava in Amsterdam with LAB La Brasilera. ...